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Self Tape Videos

Why self tape with us? Especially when you have a smart phone? Great question. We could tell you, but showing is better than telling.


Vyvy records on her at homesmart phone

Vyvy at Just Tape It Studio

Who are Our Customers?

  • New Actors

  • Actors Returning to the Biz     

  • Full-Time Working Actors

  • Actors Visiting LA from Other Markets

  • Parents with Kids Who Act 

  • Filmmakers who Need to be Interviewed for Crowdfunding Campaigns

  • Parents with kids Who Need Art Supplement Videos for College/Trade School Applications

How are Our Clients Using our Studio Services?

  • Record Self Tape Video Auditions

  • Record Actors Access Slates

  • Record Monologues to Showcase Their Work

  • Rehearse on Camera for an In-Person Audition

  • Get coached for taped or in person auditions

  • Record Interviews to Apply for Colleges

  • Edit acting reel 

  • Other video editing services

  • Hollywood 101: Consulting Session for New Actors


Wanna read more reviews? Click below or find us on Yelp!

link to just tape it yelp page

Full Time Working Actors


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